I am also a wife, (married 25 yrs June 2017) a mother, step-mother, and grandmother. On a more personal note, and I share this because it is the concept behind the publication I founded in 2008 offering a place for others like myself an outlet to share their poetry and art that is often shunned by other publishers. I am an adult survivor of child abuse at the hands of an alcoholic father who suffered from depression and other mental illness. To say our family was dysfunctional is an understatement and it is a wonder that my mother, brothers and I survived, physically at least. Whether or not we will all survive mentally and emotionally in the long run is still yet to be seen as we each have our own wars to wage within. My father passed away in May of 2008, never conquering his demons. I’m still battling my own, struggling with depression and anxiety which, despite the meds, still keeps me inside sometimes, afraid to leave my house or drive my own car and I spend more time talking to my dog than to other people, I’m okay with that part, he listens better anyway. Maybe creativity requires crazy and if so, well I’ve got an endless supply.  



“I’m just an old soul full of poetry, wonder and woe”

A mixture of madness, mystery and magick, a dreamer, a seeker
I travel alone, following only this path that I make my own




I’m also a solitary, eclectic wiccan/witch

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