The Warrior

It is through the distance of the deepest darkness slow and long that I find the dawn touching the face of hope as I trace the shadows and the shape of one more scar searching the edges or the center of the light that shines, guides from the fight of the flame ever burning within […]

Shadow of the Crow

Hunting the Honey Bee

Words and Photo Copyright Debbie Berk 2017   Lost in love and the brightly colored darkness of it all bare and barely aware of the danger I surrender my softly bruised flesh to the beautiful brutally of an intoxicating touch sweet as death and my echoed breath caught in the swelling silence of a passing […]

Self Portrait, the Light and the Dark Half

“Because beauty is not always beautiful but mostly flawed and brief in its moments of glimpsed light at the right angels beyond the shadows of an unseen darkness”  

The Endless Hunger To Be Healed

“Blood is the secret color for all honest art is nothing more than an open wound and poetry, the infection it seeps” All photos used in this image are mine with the exception of the wolf (half) face.

Midnight Dreamer

Dark as the night the moon in her eyes and poetry in her veins all mystery and bold a warrior and fallen angel full of pain an untamed spirit like a gypsy she roams letting her dreams guide the way, finds redemption in the words, lets them speak until the loss and the ache of […]

Eulogies of Love

The words, they  come like memory  distant as the  dawn waking within  dreams whispering  like grief  and again the  sorrows speak remembers the  shadows that  do not sleep,  restless and deep in  their longings black as the  night where even  the black  birds weep for the ghosts  already gone and still those  yet to be […]

The Dark

New poem and drawing (lame, I can’t draw but whatever) This will be the opening poem for the next issue of The Stray Branch, Fall/Winter 2017 which I have recently begun work on.


Mixed media image and poem  ©Debbie Berk 2017


    I am lost no words to guide me through this silence  alone going deeper into the void no voices  speak yet I wait without  promise of rescue no whispers of hope ©Debbie Berk