Blue River

Poem and Image ©Debbie Berk 2017

of Flesh and the Forbidden

Poem and Image ©Debbie Berk 2017


  Search my soul find no one home black as coal my heart  lost to the  darkest darkness  of dreams that scream a quiet rage  hidden as the calm of shadows armed and stalking like a haunting  hunger to welcome  the unwelcome  inside the empty   ©Debbie Berk 2017

The Girl Who Waits at the Edge of the Tracks

I keep her ghost as if she were my own and though I never knew her I can feel her stirring within my bones, can hear the whispered breaths of her calling the secrets of our lost flesh home 7/6/2017 Debbie Berk rev 8/15/2017 Image created using stock photos from 123rf along with one of […]