The Language of Poetry and Dreams

Voices scream out from the fog of sleep into the conscious whisper of dreams waking silences of the heart speaking forgotten truths from the depths of those far away places within…… ©Debbie Berk

The Burning

Love is the ghost fire rising from the smoke of our burnt out desires, the shadow of a whisper that remembers our name returning hearts to flame ©Debbie Berk /  2/16/2015

The Poetic Flesh

I think of you, thoughts that touch me like the naked whispers of your poetic flesh I long to write my dreams upon ©Debbie Berk  / 11/14/2014


The face of darkness mystery within mask stranger looking back deep into the reflection of memory, of loss that hangs like the dust in the corners of life’s mirrored cracks sticky as sleep in the eye of sorrow, heavy as the dream waking lonely to the bitter dawn blemished by the kiss of loveless shadows […]


  Dark curtains parted just enough to let light in just enough to welcome home those      long lost shadows lonely and restless as my own ©Debbie Berk

Time of Death

  slipping into the slow rot of a cadaver’s skin laid out on a cold gurney I am dreaming of lost and forgotten journeys trapped in the morgue of my own thoughts traveling between worlds back and forth to and from the nowhere nothingness of places where the nothingness never ends unable to wake though […]

Family Tree

“dark, broken and bent and resting against a rusty barbed wire fence it looms hauntingly; every branch sharp as a blade and every dead and dying leaf bears a blood stain” I re-trace the steps of my ancestors past down the rabbit hole and back from the brutal and bloody battles fought and lost within […]